Departure day (23.1.2017) came way faster than expected and here I am at the Prague Airport waiting for my Norwegian flight 1503 to Oslo, where I will spend two nights before continuing to Tallinn, Estonia.

But let’s start in the morning at home. It was kind of crazy as I was in a weird confused mood for couple last days. The school was making me busy until the last moment so I wasn’t able to meet the people I wanted to meet and spend time with before I leave and that was quite depressing. Those who have been with me during that time know how much.

Anyway, moving for couple months abroad is challenging thing to do by itself. Moving by plane makes it another bit more difficult and when you add to it complete reconstruction going on at home, which leaves you without elevator in highrise building than it’s really tiring. Fortunately I didn’t have to travel to the airport by public transport and my dad gave me a ride. Thanks. Sort of sleeping in the car most of the way. Waking up just in time to arrive at the airport. Nothing interesting there. Prague airport at it’s best - baggage drop off, security and here I am at the gate 10 minutes after arriving to the airport, waiting for the Norwegian Boeing 737-800 to arrive from Oslo.

Half an hour of delay later and I am in the sky flying towards Oslo. Weather is nice all the way to Oslo. Only on arrival I see the Oslofjord to be filled with thick fog. The Gardermoen airport is about 25 minutes by train north of Oslo so you have to travel quite a bit to get to the city. At least the trains go pretty often and are nice and comfy. There are two trains going to the city. Both go around 25 minutes and one is operated by NSB, the norwegian railway company and the other one is some private shuttle. NSB is about half the price of the other one so I used that one. You can get tickets for both at the kiosk machines at the airport and important for me was that I could pay by card.

Less than half hour later I meet with my new friend from CouchSurfing who was kind enough to host me for the upcoming two nights. Arriving with no plan what to do here, it was great to have someone who could advice me a little bit where to go. Being tired after all the work at home and the journey itself we spend the rest of the day chatting about whatever we found interesting, leaving the city exploring for next day. Let's meet in Oslo city.