After all the traveling posts it's about time to tell you something more about my Erasmus here. Otherwise you could think that I came here just to travel. Despite traveling and exploring new places being my favorite things to do here, I attend university here.

The university that I applied to was Tallinn university of Technology and now I am going to Tallinn technical university[1]. No that’s not a mistake or some planning issue but the school just changed it’s name and structure during the application process. It made a little bit difficult to figure out which department I fall into at the beginning, since the one I signed up for at home didn’t exist anymore. In the end none of that mattered much so I got to my classes.
Building where it all begins for Erasmus students
As foreign student there are couple things you should know about. When you sign up for the subject from home, it doesn’t matter that much what you sign up for since you have no idea about the schedule. Also it’s hard to pick the subjects without knowing anything else than the name of it. Quite a lot of the courses have names that don’t help you much, or are understood differently based on your background. But before I get to my subjects let’s look at the campus.

How I get to school

TTU is campus type university, at least since couple years ago when they build the campus. With that you get couple advantages but also the location disadvantage. As you can see the school is quite out of the city center, since you usually don’t have free space to build campus in the center. On the other side there is everything at one place and you don’t need to travel between classes. If you get a place at the dorms at the campus than you even don’t need to travel to school, but there is a catch to that. Going out to the center. Night life and that kind of things get tricky since there is no public transportation after midnight. I am not staying at the dorms as you already know so I can’t tell you how is that like.

TTU campus

Now to the campus. It’s mostly new buildings spread around a park in Mustamäe. Most of the faculties have their own building and the IT faculty is the only one kind of separated. Between the other buildings you can walk without getting outside. I have only one course in the ICT building so it’s not that big problem. But anyway the surroundings of it look quite unfinished as there are no sidewalks towards that building. More on that in Tallinn post.
Every building in the campus has it’s own canteen where you can have a lunch and in some of them even early dinner. School places seem to be closing earlier than at home. As an example, if there is a holiday coming, the last day before it will mostly end and close everything around noon. That is quite annoying to me especially regarding the sportscenter[1:1].
Sportscenter - students drive to workout!
Speaking of which, that’s another disappointing thing compared to CTU sport classes. There are only 4 one and half hour long time slots with classes during each day, starting every 2 hours from 8 onwards. For me it doesn’t make sense to shut off everything in the sportcenter for half an hour after each class. And of course closing the place for students at 4pm (16:00) is just ridiculous. Being used to choise of more than 40 different sport courses at home it feels like a joke, that here they only offer four games (badminton, table tennis, volleyball, basketball), gym and some fitness running training[1:2]. One last thing is that you get ECTS credits for attending the classes, which are by the way mostly self operated. You just need to come 20 times to the center for an hour or more.
Some space to work when you wait for lecture
There are two places in the campus that I like the most. Those of you that know me can guess the first one. Right that would be the library. I will probably start collection of library images from around the world as I travel and visit them. It’s nice calm place where you can study or relax.
The other place is called Mektory[1:3]. It’s very nice place serving as university startup center and also a place for students to get access to different labs to work on their projects. For me the cool thing is their virtual reality lab, where I want to do some experiments and their “botanical garde” which is nice flowery place to work.
For the sake of keeping the post reasonably long I put subjects and the formalities of study system in second part of the post.

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