On previous trip I took you the the majestic eight-meter-high Jägala waterfall to the east of the city. This time, let’s go west and explore Keila Joa area with it’s river, waterfall and cool cliffs at the coast of Lohusalu bay [1].

How to get to Keila Joa
The bus from city center leaves from Vabaduse väljak and drops you off near the bridge over the Keila river. Thanks to that, it’s pretty easy to get to the falls and then follow the river all the way to the sea. Compare that to the last trip, where we needed to find our way from highway. This time Edit and Naty, two czech girls went with me to explore the local nature. ###Keila juga ![Keila juga](/content/images/ErasmusTrips/KeilaJoa/waterfall.jpg) The waterfall, juga in Estonian, is about five minutes walking from the bus and has similar look to Jägala. Geologically it’s the same edge of the limestone cliffs that form the coast of Estonia. The waterfall is little bit smaller than Jägala but looks pretty impressive nevertheless. When we went to see it it was still winter so it was partially frozen and this time none of us broke through the ice. ![Will we break through the ice?](/content/images/ErasmusTrips/KeilaJoa/edita.jpg) Right next to the fall you can visit some small chateau[^n] and get a coffee, but only in summer as far as we could figure out. Also the waterfall was used as natural dam for small hydroelectric power plant. Unfortunately in contrary to practise in Norway, here they don’t have any info about the facility. ![Powerplant at Keila juga](/content/images/ErasmusTrips/KeilaJoa/powerplant.jpg) After rushing down the falls and spinning the turbine wheels of the power plant the river finishes its journey in the baltic sea very soon. Following the stream through white forest and icy trails we came to the beach. ###Keila beach ![Coastal stones](/content/images/ErasmusTrips/KeilaJoa/coast.jpg) I didn’t find any name of that part of the coast neither of the beach so let me just call it Keila beach. It was very nice place with picturesque stones rising up from the waves of the sea. Combined with the sunny day, the smell and sound of crashing waves felt really refreshing and a nice place to relax. I would also suggest is as a nice picnic place in summer weather. We will hopefully see later once the spring arrives into Tallinn. ![Collecting sea shells](/content/images/ErasmusTrips/KeilaJoa/girls.jpg) Once finished with the hunt for capturing the best compositions, we decided to follow the coast and see how far we can get that way. Hopefully we wouldn’t get stuck or lost in the process. Pine forest next to the beach started to move further and higher from water soon. As we walked towards north the limestone cliffs raised and left only narrow piece of land between them and the water. ###Türisalu pank Pank in Estonian means coast or cliff. And these ones were pretty amazing. At this point we couldn’t get up to have the view but at least we could enjoy the look of the limestone formations and the icefalls. ![Türisalu pank](/content/images/ErasmusTrips/KeilaJoa/cliff.jpg) The cliffs[^n] were also place for rock climbers to practise both ice and rock climbing. It was nice to finally see some local people enjoying the outdoors that they have here. I will talk more on that in upcoming post about Tallinn. The cliffs are couple hundreds meters long and with watching the climbers and looking for seashells between the stones it took us about an hour to walk that part of the coast. Once reaching the next beach we felt like we had to be much further base on how long we walked. We weren’t. Advice for you, if you go to such places where you enjoy the views a lot don’t count on walking longer distances in limited time. ![Swans](/content/images/ErasmusTrips/KeilaJoa/swans.jpg) Anyway the next beach was much more lively than the Keila beach. Not only were there swans and lots of other birds, but also group of kite surfers leveraging the west winds from the sea. I could probably watch them for quite long time, practising my sport photography. Unfortunately the wind that gave them all the adrenalin also made us quite cold and there was no place to hide. ![Kiters enjoying their wind](/content/images/ErasmusTrips/KeilaJoa/kites.jpg) ###Time to return Feeling cold and with the day getting older we still had one thing to do. The obvious question how we will get back to Tallinn. There needed to be some bus station near by, since the bus we came with stopped pretty often in the morning. Walking through the forest we discovered couple nice houses, probably weekend cabins, but all of them were empty. Once we reached the main road we got lucky. Not only there was a bus stop but it even featured small bistro[^n] with coffee and hot chocolate. The bus went in about an hour so we had plenty of time to enjoy the drinks.

Bus arrived and me and my friends went home. It was very nice trip that one can make even during afternoon or for the entire day if you wish. Looking forward to next trips and until I finish more posts you can look forward to posts about Tallinn and my school that will hopefully come out soon.

  1. The Greenhouse cafe ↩︎