It was May the time of love as Czech poet Mácha writes in his poem May. For me and my friends May finally brought nice sunny weather to Tallinn. With all the sun and warmth it was obvious that it's time to explore the country as much as possible. This time I am going to take you with us to Rummu.

Originally this place was limestone quarry (from 1930) and there were two nearby prisons. Mining activities stopped in 1990 and soon after the quarry filled with groundwater. You can read more about the history on Wikipedia. Now let's get to our trip, right?

How to get to Rummu by public transportation

Once again our trip started in the morning at Balti jaam train station in Tallinn. You could get closer to the lake by car but we didn't want to bother with renting one. Anyway after about 50 minutes ride we got of the train at Vasalemma station.


Once we left the train we had about 5 to 6 kilometers of walking to the actual Rummu lake. Btw by we I mean Juraj, our friends Filip and Jiangyan and myself. We pretty much took this trip as hiking trip around the nature here and with such weather we couldn't do better.

Who is going to get sacrificed to crocodile gods?

The road, that was former train track, was getting lost from time to time and we had to fight through bushes that took over. Another time we had to cross rotten bridge with crocodiles in the water below. Haha, I am kidding here :D. Only a little though. But for real we had so much fun on the way.

Finally the lake.

5k is gone and here we are at the lake. The crystal clear water and the deep blue tones of the sky and the water surface are truly beautiful.

With such nice day it's hard to resist the water. But the second you dip your fingers in, you change your mind. The winter is still very much felt in the water. It's freezing cold. At least we can enjoy snack and some fun, right?

What fun would it be if we wouldn't splash everyone with the cold water. It was really refreshing to dip our feet in the water and have some water fight along the way.

Next time it's gonna be you...

When we had enough of trying to push each other into the water we continued. In reality we didn't have enough, but at one point you just have to move on if you want to see the rest, right? The entire tour around the lake was still in front of us and the sun was already high above us.

Remnants of the prison

Following the south coast of the lake we enjoyed nice beaches, birch forest and lots of nice views across the lake. One of them being the old buildings of the quarry with the spill behind it. Yes the dune shaped hill behind the buildings is actually what was dug out of the quarry and wasn't needed.

Somewhere pretty soon at the east end of the lake we found a place that looked like a campsite. Which only ensured me that it's pretty easy to camp around Estonia. Recently I saw similar spots in Paldiski and Lahemaa and now here. That will be great when we will go for our cam trip around the country at the end of our stay. :)

Ehm, where did the road go again?

When you think you are almost there you are usually faced with some obstacle. In our case we run into a wall that used to be the fence of quarry and later on a swamp. Well one just has to deal with it :D. Especially if you are so close to your target. It took us only couple minutes to find new way around and there we were right across the dune.

The nearest surroundings of the dune and ruins was apparently popular place to go to chill for locals as well. It wasn't crowded in any way now, but we found couple improvised fireplaces and even few families doing their BBQ there. Unfortunately we didn't have anything to grill :(. Tip for you. Bring stuff to cook on fire.

Rummu ruins

Without anything to bake we headed to the ruins to see what's there and myself to do some photos of this place. I especially liked the contrast of the turquoise water with the flooded stone ruins. I found couple nice views from the top of the dune as well. In the meantime others explored the inside of one of the buildings nearby. In winter when the water is frozen you can get even to the buildings in the water. Or if you have boat or are willing to swim in the freezing water :D.

Let's see what's inside...

With exploration finished we followed the fence of the old prison. At few places one could get inside and climb the old watch towers to look around. Overlook is always interesting and pretty, isn't it?

The prison itself extends along about half of the north shore of the lake. You can feel the history at these places where people used to suffer. Especially since most of us can't imagine how it actually feels to be behind the bars or in this case behind razor wire. Even thinking about it gives me goosebumps. On top of that consider being locked down just for your opinion. Terrifying! Let's rather keep and build the freedom we have.

Who would like to be imprisoned here?

With couple more fun stops along the lake and five more kilometers through the forest we came back to the train station again. We had some time left so I pulled out my Frisbee to play a little. Last of course we needed team picture. Nope the purple lady wasn't part of our team :D.


As always checkout our path, let me know what do you think and don't hesitate to ask me questions if you have some. More trips coming soon so remember to check back soon. And that's a wrap for today my friends :).

Trip map