My Erasmus is certainly long over at the time of writing this story, but it's finally time to look into the big trips. I did couple of them during my half a year when I called Tallinn my home. Stockholm was long on my list of places where to go and now I had the opportunity. So let's go exploring the famous and hidden gems of nordic design in the capital of Sweden.

City of Stockholm

In most cases I fly around Europe because it is the most convinient way and surprisingly the cheapest if you are flexible. This time howewer not so much. Tallinn airport is crazy small and that means hardly any nice cheap flights :(. So how did I manage this trip? Well after trip to Helsinki in winter I tried the same promo code for Tallink ferries. Guess what! It worked! :) The result? Well 50€ ticket for 4 person cabin return journey! Crazy! That's 12€ per person for a trip Tallinn-Stockholm-Tallinn. I wasn't going to miss that one :D.

The crew

Now I needed to find three more travelers to join me on the trip. Not very difficult thing. Juraj and Zuzka were in pretty quickly and we were left with one more spot. I got an idea who could join us. When I arrived I met a girl Flora on the orientation day. I felt she might be fun person to take on board so I wrote her a message. Very soon there was a simple answer in my notifications. It said: "I'm IN". Cool now the crew is complete.

In the port of Tallinn

Couple weeks later we meet all together for the first time in the port of Tallinn. No problems there. It seems like I was quite right about the fit for the trip :). Checkin and boarding was very easy. Especially considering how easily I get anoyed by all the obstructions when boarding a plane. Quite frankly the cruise ship is much bigger than a plane and thus people aren't getting stuck between seats all the time. With all our stuff stored away in our cabin, it was sailing sunset time above Tallinn skyline. Cool, right?

Good bye Tallinn

With overnight cruise in front of us, we decided to explore the ship and try to find some fun stuff to do. I must say we succeded quite a bit. With the sun still up the views from the deck were very cool. Unfortunately it was still winter time and the wind forced us to go inside rather soon. All the boats cruising in the sea are considered duty free zone. That means big part of the space is filled with duty free stores. Mainly alcohol and other stuff that's highly taxed. I hate shopping so nothing there for me. But there was more...

The back of the ship was occupied with a place that was basicaly bar-theater-club combo type of thing. To our surprise there was bunch of things going on there which were included in the price of the tickets. Appart from a raffle we could enjoy music performances or take part in dance workshops. I'm telling you it was fun and it made the journey much less boring.

Fancy staircase

I don't have pictures to show you how the ship looked from inside since the light was more on the useless side for photos :(. Anyway after couple hours of dancing and music it was time to go to bed. The cabin was quite small but comfy enough. At least for one night stay.

Cabin deck

Before I finish with our journey to Stockholm I have one more thing you need to know. The plan for visiting Stockholm was to find some hosts at CouchSurfing but that unfortunately didn't work. As a result of that here we were in the middle of Baltic sea, sailing to Stockholm, knowing that so far we have no place where to stay. But we still had the morning on the boat and an entire day in the city to do something about it. Not ideal but it's all about the adventure, right?

Juraj and Zuzka enjoying the view

We woke up about two hours before docking in Stockholm. In the end we decided to make it easier for ourselves and find a hostel. That way we would be sorted regarding the night and also no need to carry all our stuff around the city. It wasn't straightforward process but that's boring stuff so I'll end for today with us leaving the boat and heading off to find our hostel. Next time I'll be back with the stories from the city itself.

Port of Stockholm - finally!!