Our trip to Stockholm turned into great couple days full of exploring the beautiful capital of Sweden. Mostly sunny and generally very spring like weather made all the city crawls very enjoyable. As you can tell, something happened at the end of our trip, otherwise we wouldn't be stuck in Stockholm, right? Let's see how it all went.

Metro art

Last time, much longer than week ago, I know :(, I left you at the metro stations. I hope you liked the underground gallery and will excuse me for being late with my last Stockholm post.

Roof terace of the port

With ferry scheduled for 18:00 and night sail over to Tallinn, we wanted to wander around the outer city a little bit. After walking around the mostly building free parts of the coast we arrived to the port slightly after five. With that much time to spare we surely had to do something interesting right? Climbing the roof of the port terminal, shooting pictures of the ferry and discussing the views seemed reasonable.

Solar can work even up north.. :)

I suppose that by know you already can guess what happened... No? Well, let me tell you. Pictures safely on memory cards we headed into the terminal to check in and board. What was our surprise when the check in terminal just responded with ERROR message. At that point we noticed the terminal was pretty empty considering the huge ship should leave soon. Strange! Let's find someone to help us with the tickets. Tallink counter was still open so I went to ask what is going on. Guess what. "You are too late!" the lady told me. What? The ship is obviously still here and the departure is more than 30 minutes away, so what's the problem? "Nope the boat leaves now and it's already disconnected from the terminal."

The ship is leaving

That was quite shocking and confusing but after some time we managed to figure out the problem. Accidentally we misread the tickets and thought the departure is same as from Tallinn but it wasn't. As a result the ferry left without us. Thus we were stuck in Stockholm without tickets back and no accomodation for the night either.

Traffic sign art

Zuzka and Juraj were a bit more concerned than I was, especially since I tend not to take these things too seriously. That unfortunately annoys other people sometimes. Understandably thought :D. Luckily the transportation problem got solved pretty easily and surprisingly free of charge. New tickets for next day, same time, same boat and no extra money. Very nice, thanks Tallink.

More city streets

With tickets sorted we knew we need a place to stay for the night. That was going to be a bit tricky since the port was going to close and we didn't want to go all the way to the hostel again. Luckily there was a CouchSurfing event in the evening in the center where we went to ask for help.

Just chillin' with coffee

I am pretty sure we were quite a strange bunch when we entered the coffee. :D The CS people showed me again why I love this community. Despite being quite surprised by us the invited us to join them for the evening and later to stay over for the night with some of them. Big thank you for the hospitality. Admittedly Flora did most of the work by explaining our situation and basically talking us into their homes.

Warm lady

We had a great evening together with our hosts, tasted nice food and also we've seen how local Stockholmers live in the end. As far as I am concerned it was great end/extension to our trip. Next day was devoted mostly to relaxing and enjoying the vibe of the city and its atmosphere. Finished by arriving to the port. This time around ON TIME! :D


The sail back to Tallinn was calm and without any problems. In the morning I went pretty much straight to school from the ferry as we were late by one day which I had free :D. Anway great trip and lots of inspiration for future trips and projects. Hopefully you will hear about those sooner rather than later...

Until next time, have a great time and travel as much as you can ;)