After last trip to Helsinki it was time to explore Estonia again this time. Luckily the team3 from ESN city games came up with an idea to visit the ruins of Rakvere castle. It's around one and half hour by bus from Tallinn. We got the tickets from simple express online for 7 euros return trip and planned to have around 6 hours at Rakvere.
Not knowing much about the place up front we wanted to see the castle and have a late lunch there.

Another early morning departure wasn't something that we would appreciate much, but we didn't have much of a choice anyway. Seven of us meet at the Tallinn bussijaam at 8 in the morning. Ready for new adventure we boarded the bus. Couple minutes later we were chatting and observing the landscape passing behind the windows.

Journey to Rakvere

Rakvere is pretty small town east of Tallinn. The main thing to see here are the ruins of old castle[1]. And that was our plan. Other than that you can visit museum of Estonian police and have a walk around to find some nice place to eat. Already from the bus you can see the ruins when approaching the town. From the bus station it’s about ten minute walk to the castle.
Rakvere castle
The castle itself is located on top of a hill above the town to have view to the countryside. It was build in 14th century on top of previous stronghold. In the castle you pay entrance fee of 7 euros as a student and you get to stay in as long as you want that day[1:1].
Rakvere castle patio
You can freely enjoy the exhibitions and explore most of the hidden places in the ruins. At the time of our visit there was sword exhibition where you could try out the swords to experience how heavy different types are. We went there in winter so most of the outdoor activities were out of order but you can check the current offer at their website.
Sword exibition
One thing that was available even in winter was the torture room guided tour. Every half hour a group of people would gather at the entrance to the underground of the ruins. Medieval dressed guide would lead the group down to the recreated torture room.

It was dark there. Light coming only through the cracks in the door and tiny window in the back of the cellar. Every corner of the place was filled with terrifying devices designed with one single purpose. To cause the victims as much pain as possible and to make them confess to whatever the torturer wanted. Just imagine sitting on a triangular prism facing the sharp edge up with weights hanged on your feets. Painful right. And they have a lot of these torture techniques to make you suffer. Now you can see how much less evil the courts are in today Europe.
Exploring the fortification of the ruins
If the torture wasn’t enough for you then next stop is the chamber of death. I don’t want to spoil it for you so let’s just say you will enjoy it, but don’t blame me if you get scared :D. After your body died you mostly would go to hell unless you were lucky to get to heaven. Since you came to death through torture and trial you mostly end up in hell so let’s check how it looks in the vision of the castle designers in next part of the exhibition. Enjoy.

If you want to rest for a bit after the hell visit you can visit the buffet in the castle and get a tea, coffee or a snack. If you come in summer you can try a lance or see medieval pottery. As I mentioned all of these activities were closed during our visit so after a cup of tea we just visited local donkey and explored the rest of the ruins.
Backyard of the ruins with all the activities
By the time we finished it was already past lunch time. And that meant some hungry bellies. Leaving the ruins behind us, we walked through the little streets of the town to find a restaurant[1:2] that someone recommended to us. We finished the day at Berliini Trahter with nice late lunch and then headed back to Tallinn in the evening. And that’s a wrap for today. Until new post have great time. :)
Old Rakvere
New Rakvere

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