Hi, I am Ondra from the hearth of Europe. Currently I live in Tallinn, Estonia but my home is beautiful Czech Republic. As you will see from most of the soon coming posts I am doing an Erasmus exchange here and would like to share my experience of that with you.

I started travelling more often last year and it brought the idea of starting to write something to accompany my photos. It took me quite long to push myself to actually start writing. Lot of friends asked me about my trips and wanted to know more than just see pictures so it became clear that I should try something. Then the Erasmus came and I realized that itäs great idea to usi it as jump start for the blog as I will have more things to write about on regular basis.

Taking that as core of the blog for next couple months I will try to add more traveling posts from different places as well. Those will come more on as I will feel about them basis compared to hopefully regular posts about the Erasmus.

This is my personal experiment and learning process to widen my language and storytelling skills so I would be very happy to hear from you, the readers, what do you think.

Why do I write in English if I am Czech you may ask? Well half of my friends are not Czech speaking and I want them to be able to read my stories as well. That’s it.
Hope you will enjoy the journey with me and if you have feedback or questions drop me a message on Facebook.